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Stuffed Storms at the Cape Cod Museum of Art

The 2020 Atlantic Storm Season is part of the National Juried Exhibition Insight at the Cape Cod Museum of Art in Dennis, MA.

Says Juror Grace Hopkins of Berta Walker Galleries:

“Narrowing down the artwork for this exhibition was challenging. I first had to digest all 500+ submissions as a whole before any threads of meaning could be drawn between the works, and a final cohesive subset could be chosen. As a gallery director I am regularly confronted with an aesthetic puzzle. But, when you throw in the added thematic complexity of INSIGHT and the sheer number of works submitted, making a final selection was both a demanding and rewarding exercise in distillation. I want to thank everyone who came forward and placed their artwork into this pool. Another juror, with different values and sensibilities would have solved this very differently. Your collective vision, ability and insight moved me.”

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