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"Seen and Heard" Review in Syracuse Times

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Says Carl Mellor:

“During its 10-year history, the ArtRage gallery has seldom hosted sweeping group exhibits. Thus, its current show, Seen and Heard: Embracing Our Past, Empowering Our Future, is an outlier.

It has a roster of 17 women artists, displays multiple media, and encompasses themes ranging from life stages to reproductive rights, from killings of women by intimate partners to ways of communicating personal experiences. The exhibition both celebrates the gallery’s 10th anniversary and commemorates the 100th anniversary of New York state signing women’s suffrage into law…."

Mr. Mellor address my work Gather and Disperse Quilt:

"Several pieces utilize video. For example, Christine Chin’s “Hunter-Gatherer: Gather and Disperse Quilt” reflects on child rearing in contemporary urban society. She’s made a quilt split up by tiny video portals. There’s video footage of lactation, baby-wearing and other behaviors.”

Read the article here:

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