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Sentient Kitchen in See Yourself X by Madeline Schwartzmann

Congratulations to Madeline Schwartzmann for the publication of her book See Yourself X!

It was recently reviewed in Neural, you can read the article here. Very honored to be included in this project.

Schwartzmann writes the following about Sentient Kitchen:

Christine Chin taps into our squeamishness, to meld contemporary tissue culture with quotidian kitchen tools and china. Sentient Kitchen, the series title, includes ten or more standard kitchen accessories that are fleshy human parts--ears, nose, nipples, tongue and more-- that serve as handles, receptacles, containers and spoon surface. The kitchen has come to life and many of the utensils form a recursive loop with the sense that they stimulate. Nostrill Mill sneezes out pulverized pepper and can be adjusted in sensitivity. Good Listener Teacups are prepared to listen, but have no vehicle for responding. In this case there is no loop. Chin guarantees the user silence. (p146)
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