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Gather and Disperse Quilt Debuts at Seen and Heard

I have safely dropped off the Quilt at Art Rage Gallery for Seen and Heard: Embracing Our Past, Empowering Our Future. So now I can revel in the details!

This exhibition honors the suffrage movement in New York. From the Curators' statement by DJ Hellerman and Kimberly McCoy:

New York State was key to the national movement for women’s suffrage. From Seneca Falls to New York City’s Lower East Side, from Buffalo to Brooklyn, from Canton to Cattaraugus, people in New York State were leaders in the woman’s suffrage movement from 1848 until 1917 when suffrage was legalized in New York State and on to 1920 when the federal government passed the 19th Amendment. In September 1852, Syracuse, New York hosted the 3rd National Women's Rights Convention. In Syracuse, Susan B. Anthony and Matilda Joslyn Gage made their first public speeches on women's rights. In her address Gage declared, “This Convention has assembled to discuss the subject of Woman’s Rights, and form some settled plan of action for the future. Let Syracuse sustain her name for radicalism.”
On November 6, 1917 New York became the first eastern state granting women the right to vote. It’s 100 years later and on January 21, 2017 a Women’s March, the largest single-day demonstration in U.S. history, was held to continue the long struggle to ensure and protect the rights of women.
This exhibition is in collaboration with the Everson Museum of Art’s summer exhibition, SEEN & HEARD, that will feature contemporary artists addressing issues of visibility and representation.
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