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Stuffed Storms

Archival Ink Prints on fabric, stuffed, topstitched and hand-embroidered

Higher planetary temperatures are believed to contribute to the formation and ferocity of storms over the oceans.


The 2020 Atlantic Storm Season commemorates and interrogates the record-breaking number of storms in the Fall of 2020 in a series satellite images of storms printed on fabric and formed into soft sculpture objects. They are arranged in a cascading installation in the order of their formation, with their names embroidered on their surfaces. The 2020 season had so many storms that the predetermined list of names was completed and the letters of the greek alphabet were utilized as additional storm names. 

The 2021 Atlantic Storm Season is installed in progress at the State of the Art Gallery in August 2021. The names of the storms are printed on the wall, and as storms are formed and named they are added to the installation. 

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