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Analogue-Digital Reviewed by The Boston Hassle

Very honored to have Gina Linder from The Boston Hassle write about my work in the exhibition Analogue/Digital at Beacon Gallery. She writes:

"The highlight of my visit to Analog|Digital was experiencing Christine Chin’s Hunter Gatherer: Gather and Disperse Quilt. As a large-scale fibers and video installation, one immediately feels the analog/digital clash (see the work in action here).... One detail I really appreciate about Hunter Gatherer is it’s non-reliance on vaginal forms or imagery; such forms have practically defined an entire genre of “feminist” art that is both too mainstream and too self-objectifying to be noteworthy anymore (i.e., I am more than my vagina…). But maybe I’m reading too far into this and the artist’s omittance is only because the piece doesn’t deal explicitly with vaginal birth. Rather, it explores the prolonged experience of motherhood, in all its joys and anxieties, and how the analog-to-digital transition has influenced the practice of parenting."

Read the full article here.

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