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Pax Anthropocene

Cyanotype Prints

The title of this work is a play on the Pax Augusta, an unprecedented period of peace in the Roman Empire during the reign of Caesar Augustus. Augustus declared his intentions for peace by erecting an altar to peace (the Ara Pacis Augustae) showing his triumphal procession and carved with friezes dedicated to the peace and prosperity of the empire. 

These works capture some of the essence of the imagery of the Ara Pacis in the light and time of the cyanotype process. These fanciful combinations of flora and fauna include acanthus, laurel, Roman pine, pomegranates, and other plants and animals commonly seen in ancient Roman stonework. Exposed under the Mediterranean sun and developed in the mineral-rich water of Rome, they connect the pre-fossil fuel era with today's climate stressed ecosystems. How will we make peace with nature in this human-centric era?

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