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Dangerous Sentiments

Repurposed cloth diapers, thread, polyester stuffing

One day I arrived at my son’s daycare to pick him up for an appointment, only to be told that I couldn’t leave because they had a “lockdown” drill in place. On another night, in another month, my daughter woke up with a nightmare that another student had shot her.


I make work about issues that are important to draw attention to, and parenting has drawn my attention to how deeply issues of gun culture have infiltrated our schools. School shooter drills and lockdown practice has taken the place of the "duck and cover" drills of the cold war era, and there is a definite effect on the psychology of young imaginative minds.


The cloth diaper is symbolic of the love and devotion we have for our children. It is soiled, washed, and soiled again, and it retains the marks of its use in its stained surface. By using these layers of sentimental fabric to re-create objects of gun culture, I attempt to capture some of the dissonance of America's fear and love of guns.

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